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What We Do?

HCKK operates at the forefront of the technology sector, offering specialized consultancy services to businesses in the Logistics, Telecommunication, and Education industries. Through strategic partnerships with esteemed companies, HCKK equips its clients with cutting-edge software solutions, tailored to streamline regulatory compliance in areas such as e-Invoicing, E-Way Bill, Goods and Services Tax (GST), and Digital Certificates.

Furthermore, HCKK is distinguished for its comprehensive approach to turnkey projects, wherein it oversees the implementation of holistic Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems for integrating Logistics, Freight forwarding, Warehousing, Transportation for its clientele. This involves a detailed process that spans from system analysis to implementation, coupled with sustained support to ensure the successful realization of objectives.

In its pursuit to foster innovation and bolster capabilities, HCKK is on the cusp of inaugurating its own state-of-the-art development center in Mumbai. This facility will serve as a beacon for technological advancement and client-centric solutions.

Central to HCKK’s ethos is the commitment to optimizing client satisfaction through tailor-made solutions that maximize benefits and empower businesses to thrive in a dynamic market landscape.,

Our Core thought remains the same when we started this journey “Eliminate Error, Boost Revenue, Digitize the process and make Employees focus on high level Jobs”.

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