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Here are all the investor service forms

SEBI vide its circular SEBI/HO/MIRSD/MIRSD_RTAMB/P/CIR/2021/655 dated November 03, 2021 and subsequent clarification vide circular SEBI/HO/MIRSD/MIRSD_RTAMB/P/CIR/2021/687 dated December 14, 2021 has introduced common and simplified norms for processing investor’s service requests by RTAs and norms for furnishing PAN, KYC details and Nomination. Key highlights of the circular are as under:

All holders of physical securities of the Company are mandatorily required to furnish the following documents/ details to the RTA i.e. Purva Sharegistry (India) Private Limited:

  • PAN

  • Nomination

  • Contact Details

  • Bank Account Details

  • Specimen Signature

Investors are requested to ensure that the above details are updated with Purva Sharegistry (India) Private Limited before April 1, 2023, since folios for which the above details are not available thereafter shall be frozen.

Investors shall submit following forms to Purva Sharegistry (India) Private Limited for updating the required details:

Form ISR-1

Form ISR-2

Form ISR-3

Form ISR-4

Form SH-13

Form SH-14

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